Turacoon 2.0 and Beta Program

Turacoon 2021-08-09

What's New?

New plans with new lesson times.

15 and 30 minutes lesson times changed with 25 mins and 50 minutes lessons. All new and available plans are affected by these changes. So, your lessons time will be adjusted with these new changes. Why we decided to change it. Firstly, we experienced that 15 mins lessons are not enough to engage students in online lessons. Also, we published our new materials and course system and these materials are created for 25 minutes lesson slots. Another feature of this system is that we are giving chance to our tutors to prepare for the next lessons if there are sequenced lessons..

New Materials and course system.

We decided to publish our new materials wıth new courses. There are 5 different course for each language level. These are standard language courses; - A1 (Beginner)- A2 (Elementary)- B1 (Intermediate)- B2 (Upper Intermediate)- C1 (Advanced)When you register a course , automatically we will assign lesson topics according to course curriculum. After each lesson, your tutor will decide if you are ready for next topic. Also, it is possible to study these materials yourself. When you subscribe to Turacoon, you have full access to all materials and answers of each activity..

New UI and UX. 

We noticed that our UI and UX are quite old and useless. Especially for mobile phones, it was really buggy. We furnished all UI and UX according to your requests and the new course system. We changed ALL pages and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback. To experience this new UI, You can join our beta program. Please fill the form below, we will contact you.