Turacoon 101: Instructions

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Turacoon 2021-04-18
Turacoon 101: Instructions

Turacoon 101: Instructions


We have some suggestions for you to make the best possible use of the Turacoon Turkish Learning Platform! Under this title, we put together what you need to do to have an efficient Turkish learning process in Turacoon,

  • before the lessons,
  • during lessons,
  • and after lessons.

These suggestions were brought together by our student support team as a result of examining the habits of our students that achieve their goal of learning Turkish on Turacoon. In other words, it is a recommendation list that we have created based on the experiences of our students who learn Turkish quickly by using Turacoon efficiently. 

Why Turacoon 101?

Every course has a code when you start a college education. These codes usually consist of 3 digit numbers. For example, if you are going to the Faculty of Engineering, you will take an Introduction to Engineering course, and the code of this course is 101. In other words, the expression 101 here indicates that the most basic and first course that students are coming to the faculty, being engineers, will take is Introduction to Engineering. For this reason, we named this blog "Turacoon 101", which should be read first by students who come to Turacoon to learn Turkish.

1.What You Should Do Before Turacoon Lessons

Before you take the first Turkish lesson, check the profiles of all tutors on the Tutors link. Then find the right tutor for you and make a reservation. 

You can use the "LANGUAGE" filter in filtering options, especially if you know Turkish at a beginner level or do not have any Turkish knowledge. With this filter, you can view tutors who can speak your native language and make reservations. Although Turkish tutors are speaking 11 different languages ​​in Turacoon for now, this number is gradually increasing. If you can't find a tutor who speaks your native language, remember that all of our tutors speak English. 

During your first week in Turacoon, we recommend identifying your favorite tutors by meeting different teachers. Then, you can easily find these teachers that you have added to your favorites while planning your lessons for the coming days, using our reservation system. Thus, you can plan your next one-to-one online Turkish lesson. 

Practice Turkish online with turacoon

Using our tutor selection filter will help you find a teacher with the qualifications that you wanted. You can find this tool on the main page, in the upper right corner of the Tutors section, after logging into our website. Thanks to the filtering, you are prepared according to the goal you want. In this way, it is easier to find a tutor who will lead you to the result you want and who has the teaching style that suits you. You can make a reservation date and time as you wish by the listed tutor profiles and their calendars. To ensure continuity, we recommend that you book with the same tutors for the next few weeks and attend classes regularly. Constantly tutoring with the same teachers allows tutors better recognize your learning needs and guide you better.

The common characteristics of the tutors preferred by the students that have practiced for a long time and succeeded in Turacoon are that these tutors have been teaching Turkish for many years, are experienced, and have high evaluation scores. When we examine our 4-year Turacoon experiences, students who learn Turkish successfully prefer their tutors by these features;

  • Experience working with students of their level,
  • And teachers who are experts in their targeted field.

2.What You Should Do During Turacoon Lessons

After meeting your tutor, he/she will ask you what subject you would like to practice that day. If you do not have a resource, you can ask her/him for a source on the topic you want to learn (for reading or learning a new word). If you have an external resource, you can transmit the link to your tutor via chatbox. 

Before starting the lesson, ask your tutor to correct the mistakes during your speaking in the course, then sending the corrections in writing via the chatbox. If you wish, you can ask your tutor to share a screenshot of the materials he/she used and the notes he/she took. 

You can use the Google Translation Page for Turkish expressions or sentences you cannot remember during the lesson. You can quickly translate the situations you want to express into Turkish through this tab has open before starting a one-on-one online Turkish course, and easily share them with your teacher during the lesson.   

At the end of your lesson, you can ask your tutor for extra Turkish resources to reinforce what you have learned in the ending and to prepare for the next tutoring. Your Turkish tutors in Turacoon have a pretty rich digital archive about teaching Turkish, and they are always happy to share them with you. 

3. What You Should Do After Turacoon Lessons

If you have activated the video recording feature, you can access the video recordings of all your lessons and the corrections made by your tutor through the "My Previous Lessons" tab under your Turacoon profile. When you find time after the lesson, watching the video record of the tutoring to review the corrections and note important information will reinforce what you have learned in your private Turkish learning. Be sure to book your next lesson right after your lesson. Remember, the tutors who will provide you with the most inclusive support in your Turkish learning process are those who know your learning needs best and observe your progress.


As the golden rule of learning all languages, the golden rule of learning Turkish is also to practice. Based on this rule, the Turacoon Turkish learning platform facilitates you to practice Turkish with one-to-one private lessons with native Turkish tutors from wherever you want. Therefore, do not forget to make room in your daily plan to practice Turkish with a tutors whenever possible! 

To benefit from Turacoon efficiently, the headings on our Frequently Asked Questions page will help you with all the issues you have in mind. We wish you an efficient and fun Turkish learning process.

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