We take your staff one step forward with our Turkish Courses customized for your organization!

Turacoon offers corporate solutions that improve the daily and business Turkish skills of your International Staff through online and face-to-face private video lessons that you can attend from either a mobile device or a personal computer!

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Why Turacoon?

Turacoon gives you instant access to face-to-face private lessons with expert tutors who are native speakers of the Turkish language and experts in the field of Teaching Turkish to Foreigners.

Customized Training Tailored for Your Needs and Your Team

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Let your staff learn Turkish in your professional field and from instructors who are experienced in your industry! Let your staff improve their Turkish skills with talented, successful and valuable professional instructors who have different experiences at Turacoon!

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Lessons Suiting the Schedule of Your Company Employees Lessons Suiting the Schedule of Your Company Employees

Your employees can pre-book their favourite instructors or connect to an instructor instantly on the device of their choice, mobile phone or personal computer.

Learn Everywhere
Learn Office

Private Lesson

Thanks to face-to-face private Turkish lessons, each of your employee can take lessons customized to their needs and goals and improve their Turkish in whichever area they need.

Practical Turkish that Makes Daily Life Easier

Thanks to our conversation-based methodology, your employees gain skills to easily understand everyday situations and they further improve their self-confidence in speaking Turkish.

Online Lesson
Information Cards

Access Your Past Lessons

Full access to online course schedules designed for employees of all levels, including Business Turkish, Daily Turkish, and Academic Turkish.

Reveal the Potential of Your International Staff!

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Much more besides Turkish

Push your success over the top in a multicultural company environment

Thanks to Turacoon, employees learn much more tha Turkish and improve their communication skills required to stand out in their field of expertise.

Improve your Turkish speaking and effective presentation skills under the supervision of an experienced Turkish instructor in the field of International Trade in Istanbul!

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Discover the secrets of daily Turkish with Berna, who has taught Turkish to expats living in Turkey and employed by multinational companies, for many years!

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Learn the language of Turkish diplomacy from an instructor who has given Diplomatic Turkish lessons to foreign embassy staff in Ankara for many years!

İbrahim D.


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