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Turacoon 2021-04-15
Say "Merhaba" with!

5 Golden Rules of Language Learning!

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Studying, working in, or moving to a new country is often an exciting adventure. The major guide in this adventure is to learn the language spoken in that country. Each new language is an opportunity to reach other cultures and other people, and a second perspective you gain. 

Whichever language you want to learn, it's easy to master the language you want in a short time by applying the tips and language learning disciplines that experts predict! Moreover, if this language is Turkish, you are very lucky because is with you! Let's take a look at the tricks and points you need to pay attention to while learning Turkish with us.

Rule 1: The learning threshold of each individual starts at different levels!

The most common suggestions you will hear when studying to learn Turkish are watching Turkish movies and reading books in Turkish. But you should not forget that the basic sentence rules of your language are also available in Turkish, and the films you try to watch and the books you try to read without gaining familiarity may scare you at the beginning of this way. The learning threshold of each individual starts at different levels, and when learning a language, you should study basic sentence structures with practices that are appropriate for your own level.

You can learn a language fastest and most effectively by practicing among the people who speak that language. It has been verified by experts that face-to-face conversations are much more effective than reading books and watching movies. Question-answer, exchanging thoughts about an event or trying to explain the routines to the person in front of you make directly actualize the language learning mechanism of you and you will start forming fluent sentences over time.

With the options of hundreds of teachers, you can chat professionally at, hear the question and sentence structure directly from people who can speak Turkish, and specialize in a short time by practicing Turkish thinking.

Rule 2: You should choose to work effectively instead of hard work.

Working with a memorizing learning system at the desk for long hours has ineffective and sometimes negative effects on your language practice. You can forget the sentences that you do not use at the appropriate time and the Turkish words you do not speak during the conversation. Even if you write down them on the note papers, you might mix their meanings over time. Besides, it will not be possible to achieve success with a limited time and a tired mind in the period leftover from work or school hours.

Instead of spending too much time in the language learning process, a planned way of working will yield more effective results. We know that work and school hours take most of your time, but allows you to create your own study schedule. By creating an appointment on the day and at any time you wish, you can participate in speaking practices without the memorization method and schedule your time.

Rule 3: Learning languages ​​is a process and you have to follow it

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You should not forget that even if you learn the basic sentence structure, the language is an infinite system and develops a little more with each step. The mistakes you make at the beginning of studying work will begin to improve with disciplined practices and you will start building more correct sentences. If you are wondering how to follow the development process in a digital educational environment, don't worry because we, as, also thought about it and offered the opportunity to record your talks!

You can record the speaking practices you attended at so that you can follow the development process over time and identify your mistakes and correct them. You can access your past studies whenever you want and make a report on how far you have progressed in each lesson.

Rule 4: The more people, the more words

  Language experts defend that instead of a single teacher-based learning style, the learning process by interviewing many different individuals is more effective. Practicing with different people will enrich your point of view on Turkish, and it will enable you to learn more words and sentence structures, allowing you to learn faster.

You can reach hundreds of different teacher options within the system. By contacting the teachers after the interviews you have made, you can plan additional studies outside of class hours and shorten your learning time as you wish!  

Rule 5: Preparing before lessons and interviews help you to speak more fluently

You no longer need to be afraid of lecture presentations, friend meetings, or job interviews. Before all your social plans, you can choose from the topics in the system and practice on them.

From the golden rules to the certificate...

Congratulations! With the practices you have planned, you now speak Turkish! documents these studies and your level and offers a certificate that you can submit in your resume.

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