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Yes, you can cancel the subscription by sending us a Support request.

You will only be charged for the months that you used (after deducting discounts for long-term plans and other expenses for the transfer of refund.).

For example, if you purchase a 3-month plan and receive a 10% discount for it, and you choose to cancel after one month, then you will be charged only the full monthly price (what you would have paid if you didn't buy a 3-month plan).

After deducting discounts for long-term plans and expenses for the transfer of refund, the remainder will be returned to you. Alternatively, you can also downgrade your plan to a smaller one and receive a refund for the difference in cost after deduction of expenses and discounts mentioned above.

Again, you can make changes from your subscription page.


You can change your subscription plan anytime through your Turacoon account.

You can click "Subscriptions" and change your subscription plan.

The unused value of your current plan will not be applied to the cost of your new plan.


You can easily cancel your subscription renewal at any time in your account subscription settings on our website.

For cancel your subscription renewal go to:  My page > Account > Payment Info


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You can purchase a monthly subscription from our website Subscription Page by using a credit card or debit card.

If you need special assistance processing your payment, please submit a request.