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Some of our students are looking for tutors to practice day-to-day conversation, others need a business Turkish and wish to go through daily speech or listening exercises. No matter your need, we have tutors ready to help you. To find those that will most fit your needs, we recommend that you test different tutors before choosing your favorites.

All of our tutors are native Turkish speakers and you can search for them at Turacoon's homepage by filtering by the availability of their agenda. You can even try choosing for tutors who share your profession or interests! You can also review the tutor's profile to learn more about their experience and personality.

For students at a basic level, sessions with tutors that speak their language usually help a lot.


To make a reservation at a specific time, simply click on "Schedule a Lesson"' then click on "Search by date" and select when you would like to chat. Then, just select an available tutor to reserve time with!

To make a reservation at a specific tutor, simply click on "Schedule a Lesson"' then click on "Search by tutor" and select an available tutor which you would like to chat with. Then, just select when you would like to chat.

Once you find the tutor you would like, you can click on schedule to see the dates and times they are available. If you click on the time you would like, you will be able to schedule a reservation for the amount of time you want.

Your reservation must be made at least 12 hours in advance.


If you can't find the answer to your question here, a Turacoon representative is happy to help.

You can contact us by submitting a request here. Someone will get back to you very soon!

You can always contact our live support team using the envelope icon in the bottom right corner of the Turacoon main page.


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